Democratic society requires the existence of active, responsible citizens, and a strong non-profit sector. To achieve this ideal enthusiasm and good ideas are not enough if there’s a lack of necessary means to make them worth. The need, to find an answer the questions „How?” and „Wherewith?”, led to the establishment of CREST in 1998 as the programme of Hygeia Foundation, a Resource Center designed to meet, through forming and informing, the requirements of nongovernamental organizations, state institutions and economic agents.

In October 2002 at the initiative of the parent organization, Hygeia Foundation, CREST has acquired legal personality. Activities, CREST projects and programms initiated until 12.2002 were completed under the Hygeia Foundation, those started from 2003 completed under the tutelage of Association CREST Resource Center.

The activity of the CREST Resource Center is sustained financially by the CREST Ltd society .