(human resource development) – Phare 2005
The project carried out in the period of January – December 2008 and financed by the European Union by Programme Phare 2005 was implemented by the Infocenter Ltd. firm in partnership with CREST Resource Center.
The aim of the project was to intensify active measures for employment in rural areas and for persons employed in agriculture with low incomes, to reduce imbalance between requests and offer of labour force at the target community level. The project follows the sustaining of direct beneficiaries from rural areas to obtain a job, according to personal professional competences and the employment conditions of the locally available jobs.
The action plan for achieving the aim proposed an active role for project beneficiaries. All the attended activities offers occasion for learning and self-awareness, to be better prepared for integration into work field, so that in turn to be able to increase the value of personal experiences and to encourage others facing with similar problems to be actively involved in all decisions relating to their professional life.
By implementing this project was desired raising awareness of direct beneficiaries on the importance of perceived professional life as a dynamic one, in permanent changing, so that to be prepared to learn continuously, to qualify and improve them, to meet the required occupational profiles in the community in which they act.
The realised activities among the project: study about labour force market, activity of informing the economical agents from the area about the employment stimulating measures, assessment the competence of direct beneficiaries, individual and group counselling activities, work mediation at the level of direct beneficiaries of the project.
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